And now for something completely different



He’s cute. He’s tall.
He’s got gorgeous eyes.
And a stunning smile.
I didn’t say a name, but he 
popped into your head,
didn’t he?




yes it’s true, i’m doing a giveaway. this will be a two-winner giveaway for my followers as i have two main groups of followers - star trek and daft punk fans. 

what’s up for grabs

STAR TREK - prize #1

  1. a LLAP hoodie from ThinkGeek (via HerUniverse) in 2XL - i own this and it’s been worn once and washed once!
  2. a Star Trek stainless steel flask
  3. Star Trek The Original Series Comic Blanket - bought directly from the website!
  4. Star Trek Vulcan Salute Pendant from!

*** The LLAP hoodie is a Woman’s Fit, and it runs small for a 2XL. I’m 6’1 and it’s a little too short for me however it fits well in the shoulders and arms. The dimensions are here, and if it doesn’t look like it will fit you I will be more than happy to swap it out for a shirt or sweater from! Just let me know. :)

**The flask has never been used but the box is slightly damaged. 

Both of the items above will come direct from me while the third item will be shipped from the website!

DAFT PUNK - prize #2

  1. Get Lucky t-shirt in XL
  2. Your choice of pin, poster, or belt buckle from Daft
  3. a Daft Punk sticker pack from
  4. Your choice of Guy-Manuel or Thomas Bangalter figures.

*** The shirt, again, is a Woman’s cut and is VERY small for an XL. If you don’t think it will fit you, let me know and I will swap it with either a poster, belt buckle, or pin from Also note that the tags for the shirt have been taken off already!

** The figure will be the Bandashi Tamashii Nations figures. If you already own both of these, let me know and we can figure something else out! 


  1. ya gotta be following me OR my sideblog :)
  2. you must be willing to give me your shipping address!
  3. Reblogs count, Likes do not.
  4. you can reblog as many times as u want. go for it. reblog the shit out of this.
  5. If I pick your name, please tell me which prize pack you would like and if anything needs to be swapped out!
  6. Winner #1 will get a choice between the two packs, winner #2 will get whatever the other person doesn’t want.
  7. If you don’t like what’s left then I’ll pick someone else lmao.
  8. Please make sure your askbox/fanmail is open so I can contact you! And get back to me as soon as possible. :)

The giveaway will end on July 30th!

I think that’s everything. ok good luck everyone!